Ars Electronica Media Art Festival 2016 in Linz – free Concerts

The Ars Electronica Festival for Media Art in Linz is coming up

The Ars Electronica is one of the biggest Media Art festivals worldwide and well respected around the globe. Radical Atoms and the alchemists of our time is the title of this years edition and besides fantastic science / technology / art there will be tons of great artists performing extraordinary music from 9th of September till 12th of September in Linz.

On the opening day tomorrow the train shed at former Postal Service Logistics Center in Linz will be used as concert venue. Even that is already spectacular.


Train Shed at Post City ars electronica ottersandweasels

c: Vanessa Graf



I am really really looking forward to Olof Dreijer, who is also known as Oni Ayhun or the guy from the KNIFE. wwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaat.

excited ottersandweasels ars electronica

So excited to hear his DJ Set. Here is a quick overview about what you are going to here in Linz on Thursday Ars Electronica opening night. Be there or be square.


Ars Electronica Opening Night – Free Concerts

on Thursday night (08.09.16)

21:00 – 21:30 FM Einheit (DE),

Mene, Mene, Tekel, upharsin
POSTCITY, Spiral Falls

21:40 – 22:00 SILK Fluegge (AT),

POSTCITY, Ground Floor


22:00 – 22:10 Dragan Ilić (RS/US),

Roboaction(s) A1 K1
POSTCITY, Ground Floor


22:10 – 23:00 Navid Navab (CA),

Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking
POSTCITY, Ground Floor

Some thing like that I guess



23:05 – 23:20 Ei Wada (JP),

The Kankisenthizer – Exhaust Fancillator
POSTCITY, Ground Floor

also not the actual thing, but you can get an idea what El Wada is doing. I saw him 2011 with his Open Reel Ensemble at Sonar Festival and it was great


Open Reel Ensemble – Sonar 2011


23:25 – 23:35 XBlade Allstarts get Radical

POSTCITY, Ground Floor

I guess this will be some super high speed drone racing demonstration for 10 Minutes


23:40 – 00:10 Exploded View (DE/MX)

POSTCITY, Ground Floor

Very cool, very groovy but still dreamy music you can dance to. Should be very good and perfect warm up for the next act-> Planningtorock


00:15 – 01:00 Planningtorock (UK)

POSTCITY, Ground Floor


01:05 – 02:00 Dasha Rush (RU),


02:00 – 03:00 Olof Dreijer (SE) aka Oni Ayhun

= the guy from the Knife who makes their amazing beats , it is “just” DJ Set, but hey this guy is making unbelievable music, so his taste in music should be quite alright for DJing 🙂


Tickets for the whole festival are starting from 27€ per day. Get them here.

But like I wrote before the entry for the opening night, with all this amazing acts is for FREE on Thursday.

We will try to take tons of pictures and film to make a nice (video) review 🙂 If you cannot make it, what out for our coverage of the festival soon.